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The dilemma of 21!

Shubhi Mittal, one of the 21-year-old youth who belongs to the 35% of the Indian Youth population is struggling with the dilemma of should I pursue archeology which is my passion or should I continue with the corporate life. Reasoning- Too much risk and very less income in archeology. What if it doesn't turn out well? What will I do?

Most of the millennials around the age of 21 come across the same question. We tend to think everything is going well then why to risk it for something which we are not sure of. I know it's my passion but I have to be realistic. As Shubhi says- 'It's not a movie'.

Spoiler alert!- If you are expecting an answer, you won't find it in this article, you have to figure out yourself.

You have to answer- what is it that matters the most to me at the end of the day?

For me, the most important part of my life is spending time with my family who gave me the opportunity to explore the world at a very early age while doing the things that I love. I have started my journey in the same direction.

My advice to you is- Don't loose your passion just because you are comfortable right now. You should not regret while you are on your death bed or at the age of 35 with the responsibility of your family that I wish I had taken the course I loved at that time. It's too late to risk it now.

I am not saying everything I write is true and will appeal to all. It's my view. You can trust me that I feel much better with this approach. The last thing I want is regret and I know risking it all will give me an interesting story to tell better than saying I got employee of the year.

P.S.- Story Credits- Shubhi Mittal

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