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It's okay to question what you already know!

While training a baby elephant, the trainer ties him to a chain. In the childhood, the elephant tries to break the chain but fails every time. As he grows, he has assumed that he can't break the chain. Now even if he has the power to break 100 chains like this but he won't do it. 'He believes he can't do it because he had tried it earlier and failed'

Something on the similar lines happens with us as well. Since our childhood, we are made to learn certain rules and manners of the society. - Sleep at night, work during the day, your name is 'XYZ', go to school, be on time, etc. etc.

The moment we start questioning this belief, we either get answers which are convincing enough for us to believe that yes what is happening is right or we move to the next step that is asking 'Why Not?'. This 'Why Not?' has our way of doing things. That's It!

We are successful! You are successful!

The moment you start living the life in your way, which is made of rational choices, churned out possibilities, available options, and a slightly realistic approach. You start growing. you start enjoying everything around you because you created it in your own way. You CUSTOMIZED it!

Curiosity is the mother of all inventions- Yes!

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